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Cristhy Hernandez, Switzerland,

Acrylic, Gilding on Canvas, 60x40cm

Sometimes it is necessary to break, to get lost between uncertainty and memory. Why are there days where the house smells of nostalgia, and there is a for sale sign placed in the soul. A window overlooking a chaotic city, with sad music playing to the rhythm of the heart in the background. A heart that breaks into tears while dancing slowly, and a body lying on the couch.
You lift that body and hang your soul on the coat rack, you leave your heart
in a book.
But one day you look in the mirror and you believe in that look, you see that reflection smile and you tell him that you bet everything on that person.

This work is a visceral expression of the human condition, palpable in every brushstroke. I used acrylics with gilding and objects on plaster to reflect the depth of the soul that fights and emerges triumphant. The expressionist style allows emotions to flow freely, creating an intense visual narrative. When you look at it, you will feel an energetic connection that will fill your home with passion and resilience.

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